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USF World Launches Support Fund to Aid International Students Affected by COVID-19

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The USF international student population are facing unique challenges as a result of the current global crisis. Click the image above to support an international student in need.

 Tampa, Fla. (May 26, 2020) -- The University of South Florida has recognized that international students face unique challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. International students are not eligible for financial assistance that U.S. students receive from the federal CARES Act. In order to support these students and help them fulfill their dreams of completing their degree at USF, the USF World International Student Support Fund was created.

International students represent nearly 10% of the student body, and are a crucial part of USF’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

“Our international students bring the world to USF,” says Dr. Kiki Caruson, Interim Vice President for USF World. “They provide a diverse set of perspectives in the classroom and enrich our broader campus life. For those domestic students unable to travel abroad during their USF careers, their peers from around the world contribute to the globally-minded culture that defines the University of South Florida.”

Throughout the past couple of months, many of these students have had to remain in the U.S. far away from their families, while others have had to return to their home countries without knowing when or if they will be able to return. In addition to these stressors, many of these students and their families are facing loss of jobs and income.

"My family... has had no means of making an income in weeks, on top of the dollar becoming more expensive compared to our own currency each day," says USF Student Body Vice President Gustavo Spangher from Brazil. "We international students are not eligible for any government financial assistance and our employment opportunities are limited. We really need help covering every day expenses including rent, food, and other necessities.”

The fund will go directly to providing financial relief for international students who have been adversely impacted by the current global economic crisis. Those who are interested in helping these valued students can make a contribution through the USF Foundation’s website.