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Dr. John Skvoretz

skvoretz warsaw

Dr. Skvoretz (right) with his mentor Zbigniew Karpinski and his daughter (left).

September 9, 2019 | USF WORLD NEWS

Dr. John Skvoretz, a USF faculty member and Fulbright scholar, spent 4 months conducting research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland for his Fulbright experience. The research program seeks to understand the factors that encourage or inhibit social relations of all types (marriages, friendships, etc.) between persons of varying social backgrounds. In particular, they were analyzing the issue as it occurs with respect to native born versus immigrant populations in European and American countries. In collaboration with a colleague, Skvoretz developed a new project on status allocation principles; the work on this project resulted in a presentation to a research group at the Institute (Research Team on Comparative Analysis of Social Inequality) and will lead to more globally-focused research in the future.

Skvoretz says that this valuable experience has taught him to be adaptable in both personal and professional situations, especially in times when the resources weren’t what he was accustomed to in the US. “It is actually entertaining to figure out how to get something accomplished, be it running a data analysis or baking a pie, when the usual tools and equipment are not near to hand,” he said. 

In addition, Skvoretz had the unique opportunity to conduct the research face-to-face with a colleague that he had previously only worked with via the internet. For future Fulbright scholarship recipients, he added that if they can create a similar arrangement, it will allow for more spontaneity in the research and an overall positive experience.