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Dr. Constance Visovsky

Dr. Visovsky and a view of Panama City

Dr. Constance Visovsky and a view of Panama City where her Fulbright research was conducted.

September 23, 2019 | USF WORLD NEWS

Dr. Constance Visovsky, an associate professor and Associate Dean for the College of Nursing, is a Fulbright Global Research Scholar in Panama City, Panama. During her time there, Visovsky conducted breast cancer research by working with the Ministry of Health using Panama’s National Cancer Registry and case reports from the Instituto Oncológico Nacional (ION). The research aims to analyze cases of breast cancer throughout Panama to discover the age and racial profile, tumor characteristics, and survival rates of by province.

Having a keen interest in global research, Visovsky was able to gain unique, hands-on experience collecting and managing large data sets while learning about the inner workings of population-based data. This information helps to guide the education and research that will combat breast cancer throughout Latin America.

“The ability to be a Fulbright Scholar can really help launch your career and/or bring a richness to your career in either research or teaching by exposing you to new and different ways of doing things,” Visovsky said. “I am so honored to have received this award, as it has added a new perspective that has enriched my research with women with breast cancer.”