USF Global Spotlight

Angela Zhu

Angela Zhu

Angela Zhu, USF Class of 2018

August 20, 2019

Applying for a Fulbright Award was not on Angela Zhu’s mind while she was in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree at USF.

It wasn’t until she traveled to Ghana for a USF service-learning trip when Zhu realized that Fulbright offered opportunities that paralleled with her reflection from Ghana.

“The trip allowed me to view the many facets of how our own beliefs stop us from realizing the true impact our actions may cause,” Zhu said.

Before the trip to Ghana, Zhu participated in the Global Citizens Project and iBuddy, both of which center around the idea of engaging with people, places and things that are diverse and represent different cultures.

Involving herself in these two events gave her the chance to form global perspectives, both locally and internationally.  

Her success and experiences while pursuing her undergraduate degree is what helped her receive a Fulbright award to teach English in Indonesia.

“My involvement allowed me to develop more ideas and set bigger goals to pursue,” she said.

Following her trip to Ghana, Zhu intends to pursue a graduate degree in public health. After schooling, she hopes to become a physician for underserved people in both the United States and abroad.