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International Admissions Joins USF World

As of July 1, 2016, the USF International Admissions Office will now join USF World to develop a more seamless experience for international students by uniting offices and streamlining processes.

Operating under Dr. Roger Brindley, USF World will now be home to International Admissions, International Services, Education Abroad, Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies, Confucius Institute, international agreements and university partnerships, Global Discovery Hub, faculty Fulbright scholars, Peace Corps, and more global resources for students, faculty and staff across the System.

"USF's international presence is rapidly rising due to growth among global and national rankings, as well as our increasing family of international students across the USF System," said Brindley.

"Joining together with International Admissions will provide students with a complete Bulls experience from the moment they meet an admissions advisor in their home country to coming full circle at graduation and participating in our sash ceremony hosted by International Services."

In April, USF announced the promotion of Brindley to USF System Vice President for USF World. As Vice Provost and USF System Associate Vice President for USF World, Brindley has overseen system-wide global engagement for USF since July 2013.

He will assume his new role beginning July 1 concurrently with the department merger. He will continue to focus on USF World's goals: Global Curriculum and Student Success, Elevating the University Profile and Campus Global Awareness, Global Mobility, and Global Engagement and International Research Collaboration. Brindley will also work to increase access to education abroad and support the infusion of global content into academic experiences.