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Global Networks

USF Global Networks bring together alumni, students, faculty, and partners to build worldwide communities of support for international programs, research, and business.

Belonging to a Global Network is an exciting way expand personal and professional connections in a particular part of the world, collaborate with USF, and engage with others who are interested in that special place. USF Global Networks are also a platform to highlight the University’s impact internationally – showcasing and supporting the amazing research and successes of our faculty and alumni around the world. By inviting partners, including members of the international business community in Tampa Bay and abroad, we are expanding our reach and maximizing the benefits of membership for all. For current students and alumni, the networks can offer global learning, internship, scholarship, and job opportunities, as well as entrepreneurial and research collaborations.  For the international businesses community, Global Networks can offer a relevant audience, a top talent pool, professional collaborations, advertising and marketing, subject matter expertise, and more. 

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To become a member of one or more of our Global Networks, click on the links below. Each one will take you to a LinkedIn group page where you can connect  with other USF Bulls engaged in that part of the world.


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Prospective Members of USF Global Networks 

  • Alumni living in the network country/region
  • Alumni from the network country/region living around the world
  • Students from the network country/region
  • Faculty who do research or business in the network country/region
  • Faculty & staff from the network country/region
  • Members of the international business community
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in the network country/region
  • Members of the diplomatic corps
  • Local businesses


Global Alumni can volunteer to serve in leadership positions or simply join a network as a general member. Whatever your level of engagement, your Global Alumni Officer is available to answer any questions you have and connect you to this global USF community!


NETWORK DIRECTOR |The leader of a country-wide alumni network.

The Network Director oversees the delegation of tasks among the Network Management Team to meet Global Alumni Network Responsibilities. He/she may appoint Network Coordinators and Contacts regionally, as needed.

NETWORK COORDINATOR | The coordinator of network events.

The Network Coordinator assists the Director with the logistics and planning of in-person and virtual events - selecting and communicating with venues, speakers, caterers, and service providers.

NETWORK CONTACT | The country network contact person for alumni and students.

The Network Contact assists the Director with Network communications and outreach.


To learn about the responsibilities and benefits of Global Alumni Network leadership in detail, check out our Network Management Resources page.