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Global Networks

USF Global Networks bring together alumni, students, faculty, and partners to build worldwide communities of support for international programs, research, and business connections.

Belonging to a Global Network is an exciting way to expand personal and professional connections in a particular part of the world, to collaborate with USF, and to engage with others who are interested in that special place. 

USF Global Networks serve as platforms to highlight the university’s international impact by showcasing USF faculty, students, and global alumni successes. For current students and alumni, the Global Networks can offer global learning, internship, scholarship, and job opportunities, as well as entrepreneurial and research collaborations. 

Global Networks welcome local and global business community participation as a way of expanding reach and maximizing connections for all members. For the international business community, Global Networks can offer a relevant audience, a top talent pool, professional collaborations, advertising and marketing, subject matter expertise, and more. 

Read how new Global Networks expand USF's international impact.

Click on a Global Network page below to see network stats, read member spotlights and join the LinkedIn group page. 

LinkedIn Global Network group pages are great for connecting with other Bulls around the world and staying in touch with USF! 


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Prospective Members of USF Global Networks 

  • Alumni living in the network country/region
  • Alumni from the network country/region living around the world
  • Students from the network country/region
  • Faculty who do research or business in the network country/region
  • Faculty & staff from the network country/region
  • Members of the international business community
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in the network country/region
  • Members of the diplomatic corps
  • Local businesses