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Global Alumni Networks are country-specific groups of alumni who either currently or have formerly lived and/or worked in that country. Belonging to a Global Alumni Network is a great way expand your connections in a particular place, stay connected to your alma mater, and engage with students and faculty who are interested in your part of the world. Global Alumni can volunteer to serve in leadership positions or simply join a network as a member.


NETWORK DIRECTOR |The leader of a country-wide alumni network.

The Network Director oversees the delegation of tasks among the Network Team to meet the 5 Semester-Based Responsibilities. He/she may appoint Network Coordinators and Contacts regionally, as needed.

NETWORK COORDINATOR | The coordinator of country-wide and regional events.

The Network Coordinator assists the Director with the logistics and planning of in-person and virtual events - selecting and communicating with venues, speakers, caterers, and service providers.

NETWORK CONTACT | The country and regional contact person for alumni and students.

The Network Contact assists the Director with Network communications.

Contact your Global Alumni Officer at for information on Network management responsibilities and requirements.