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USF Network France’s membership is impressive with over 480 alumni and over 20 currently enrolled students. More than 125 faculty members have been engaged in research, business, and/or creative endeavors in France. USF’s study abroad programs in France are among the most popular and successful. The Network welcomes the 890+ study abroad students who have participated since 2013.

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Past Events

February 27, 2024: USF Network France Annual Online Meeting


Network France Spotlights

Alumnus Jeffery Arama - "USF Polyglot Making a Global Impact in Finance" 

Student Annie Blackard - "How Study Abroad Can Advance Academic Pursuits" 

Student Janelle Neary - "Immersion in Cultures Around the World" 


USF Partnerships in France

ESC Rennes
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Student Exchange | USF World
Institutional Collaboration | USF World

Normandy School of Management
Student Exchange | USF World


Sister Cities in France

Le Havre, France | Tampa, FL Sister City 

Perpignan, France | Sarasota, FL Sister City