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USF offers you incredible resources as a student, and for many, graduation is just the start of greater things. USF graduates are travelling the world, working oversees, solving global problems, and making contributions to various communities world-wide. For those of you interested in globally-oriented careers, take this amazing opportunity to record a short video with questions for our Global Alumni Q&A Series. Your one-minute video will be reviewed, edited, and posted to our Global Alumni online platforms, where we will request responses from your fellow global Bulls! Tap into the Herd’s world-wide network and receive guidance from Bulls who have literally been there!

Here are some helpful guidelines. Remember to limit your recording to ONE MINUTE:

 Set the Scene.

  • Choose an appropriate background.
  • You can sit or stand, but set up the camera so it is eye level with you.
  • Make sure that the camera is horizontal and remains steady and doesn’t move.
  • Be sure that you’ve chosen a place with good, natural light.

Introduce Yourself.

  • Name, year, major, experience and/or interests abroad.

Ask your question(s) and follow-up questions.

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Contextualize your question if necessary.


  • Offer thanks in advance.
  • Say that you’re looking forward to receiving some responses from your fellow Bulls.

Join the Global Alumni Outreach Team on Microsoft Teams1 with this code:  44jijbz

Upload your video to the QA Videos Channel.

 1If you do not know how to access Microsoft Teams, please explore the IT Student Guide.



Working in [  ] Series

Most of us are sitting at home around the world, in front of our smartphones, eager for an opportunity to engage in something meaningful. So I’d like to invite you to take a little time out of your day to share some of your professional experiences with our current students. If you are from abroad, have lived, worked, and/or volunteered abroad, or if you are working in an internationally oriented career in the US, drop us a video! We would love to hear about:

  • the steps you took to get that position,
  • what it’s like to live and work in that place and/or field,
  • the challenges you faced,
  • the battles you won, and
  • the lessons you learned!

Feel free to choose one or more of these topics and make this video your own! Share your wisdom, give students some helpful tips, and feel good 😊.

Follow the Set the Scene instructions above and limit your video to 3 minutes. 

Ready to share? Email us at with a brief summary on how we can download your video. We recommend sharing through a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

For questions relating to our Global Alumni, please contact your Global Alumni Officer, Vanessa Martinez, at