For Faculty & Staff

International Travel for Faculty and Staff

Business Travel. The picture shows USF World faculty in a construction zone overseas. There are 2 men talking with a woman and debris in the background.

Business Travel Without Students

Business travel includes all non-student international travelers comprising any combination of faculty, staff, guests, and volunteers on university business in support of a specific program of instruction, research, site visit, or public service, or more general programs of professional development, international conferences, or university operations. Business travelers must obtain approval and authorization at the collegiate/departmental level. However, this is your resource for guidelines and services necessary for a safe and productive international travel experience.

Travel Associated With Students. The picture shows USF mascot, Rocky the Bull, in London with students.

Travel Associated with Students

Whenever a faculty or staff member is attending an international activity in which USF students are also known to be participating, he/she becomes associated to the students' international travel and are designated "Associate Travelers." As Associate Travelers, they must create a proposal and register their travel. They must also meet minimum training and certification requirements. You will find all of this information here.

Global Risk Assessment Committee. The picture shows a woman sitting on a swing overlooking a waterfall.

Global Risk Assessment Committee

The Global Risk Assessment Committee (GRAC) was created at USF to analyze risk and security conditions of international travel. Proposed travel by students to countries or locations deemed High Risk by the U.S. Department of State or Centers for Disease Control must be reviewed and approved by this committee. Please begin registering your travel at least 8 weeks before departure to allow the GRAC time to review your travel.

Passport and Visa Information. The picture shows a hand placing a passport into a black purse pocket.

Passport and Visa Information

Although passport and visa information may seem pretty straightforward, your destination country may have particular requirements that you need to be aware of before you finalize your plans. Navigate this section for useful guidance regarding where to find country-specific passport and visa information when traveling abroad.