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Business Travel Without Students

USF World is responsible for providing business traveler services as appropriate for approved USF international travel.

What is a USF Business Traveler?
A USF business traveler is any international traveler on university business regardless of the funding source that does NOT include student travelers.

What are the responsibilities of a USF Business Traveler?
Business travelers must obtain travel authorization and approval at the college/school/departmental level and submit a Travel Request (TR) through the Archivum System. The TR should include emergency contact information stateside and abroad. 

Each international destination in which you will stay overnight needs to be indicated in the TR. If the city name is not available, please include it/them in the TR "Description" field. This is very important so that you can be accounted for and notified in the event of a security incident or natural disaster in your destination country.

Due to Section 1010.36, Florida Statutes, each University is required to review all international travel as outlined in this memo.

Once you finish the Travel Request process, you'll be enrolled in the USF group global health and security insurance. This insurance covers emergency medical and evacuation during your travel for up to 365 days. Whatever your travel funding source is, you still need to complete a USF Travel Request. Fill out a Travel Request for $1.00 and follow any special rules for international travel from your department or unit.

Download the International SOS Assistance App, create and register your account, and enable location settings and emergency notifications. This will ensure that you are kept aware of security / medical / weather emergencies in your destination city/country.

Please refer to the USF Controllers Office travel website for contact information, travel manual, important forms and directions regarding the proper submission of Travel Requests and Travel Expense Reports.  

Also familiarize yourself with USF World's Travel Resources before you depart.

Export control, international health, risk, and safety, and pre-departure information are common requests for information and reviews needed prior to departure.

Click here to view some review processes that USF offers and recommends for our international business travelers.

Request an Export Controls Review: USF is committed to the highest level of compliance with U.S. export control regulations. The Office of Export Controls at the University of South Florida was established to help faculty, researchers, and staff navigate the complex environment of export regulations. If your intended destination is listed as a country of concern here you must contact the Office of Export Controls as soon as possible. For example, a license to Cuba can take months to procure. You can reach Fred Pflueger, the USF Export Control Officer at (813) 974-0554.

Request an International Health Consultation: Not all medications are legal or available abroad. ISOS can provide a pre-travel assessment specific to your health issues. Register through the International SOS Assistance App. Also, remember that all medications, whether they be prescription, over the counter, or simply vitamins, should be in their original containers. TSA generally questions anything that resembles medicine that is not labeled properly and without proper documentation.

Request a Pre-departure Orientation: ISOS can provide a pre-travel assessment specific to your country-specific issues and concerns. Register through the International SOS Assistance App. It can be customized to the specific location and activities that your travel requires. To get more information about ISOS, please visit our Insurance Information section.