Employment Based Legal Permanent Residency

OIS works with the University designated attorney to assist departments to sponsor to provide sponsorship of permanent residency based on USF employment for qualitied USF positions.  The three categories used by USF are listed below with eligibility factors:

EB1B: Outstanding Researcher/Professor

USF Position must be tenured, tenure track or officially tenure equivalent. Ex. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor. This category is based on the previous search for employment and requires the employee to prove that they have made “original contributions to the field’ and that they are recognized by their peers as outstanding. This category does not require the department to pay for legal or filing fees.

EB2: Special Handling for University Teachers

Position must include majority teaching duties. This category can use a previous national search if the offer letter was signed less than 18 months from filing and the advertisement was posted in an online journal accessible to the public for at least 30 days. Otherwise, the process will include a new national employment search that would meet USF and category guidelines. This category requires the department to pay for legal fees for the labor certification process.   The employee may pay other fees.

EB2: Advanced Degree Professionals

Position must have official minimum requirements equivalent to Master’s Degree.  Please include job description showing minimum requirements as approved by USF Central HR.  This category requires a local search with specific parameters to demonstrate that no US candidates are available at the minimum requirements. This category requires the department to pay for legal fees for the labor certification process. The employee may pay other fees.

The first step is for the sponsoring department/college to contact the OIS Director, Marcia Taylor, to discuss the appropriate category for the employee.