Maintaining Your Status


Transfer In 

If you are transferring to USF from another school it will be handled during your Glo-Bull Start process once you are admitted. When you have your NetID and can login to iStart you will be able to complete our Transfer In E-Form  to tell us a DSO contact at your current school. This will allow us to complete your transfer in SEVIS.

Please email if you have any further questions. 

Transfer Out

We hope you enjoy your USF experience but if at any time you need to transfer to another school or possibly to begin another degree elsewhere after graduation please initiate our Transfer Out E-Form in iStart. It requires an admission letter from your new school. Some other schools require a Transfer In form. If so, upload to the E-Form and we will complete then you can upload the final admission letter when you receive it.

Transfer can be tricky when it comes to timing.  Please see this list of FAQ's regarding special circumstances on the ICE website.