Maintaining Your Status

Address Updates

If you are staying at a temporary address, for example: a hotel or with friends or family, please report that address.

DO NOT report foreign addresses, PO Boxes, USF Boxes, or USF Departmental addresses
DO NOT use USF's address (4204 E Fowler Ave)

New Students

You must report your physical address to USF as soon as you enter the U.S. USF cannot register your I-20/DS-2019 until we receive a valid local address.

Continuing Students

You are required to report changes to your local address to USF within 10 days of any change.
Note: You do not need to change your local address when you leave the U.S. for vacation.

Reporting your Local Address and Phone Number to USF

At USF your local address and phone number is maintained through USF's Online Access Student Information System (OASIS) as the "Local Mailing" address type. The address you provide will be reported to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) where it will be checked for validity and proper formatting.

  • Login to
  • Go to MY RESOURCES -> OASIS (Student).
  • Go to the Personal Information section and click on "Update Addresses and Phones"
  • If a Local Mailing Address is listed click the "Current" link next to it or, if no Local Mailing Address is listed, select "Local Mailing" in the "Type of Address to Insert" dropdown and click "Submit"
  • Enter your new local address and phone number using the guide below and click "Submit"
  • After entering your local address and phone number please also use the "Update Email Addresses" link to verify and update your "Send admissions information to" email address to your primary Non-USF Email Address.
  • Local Mailing Address Formatting: Required Address Fields: Address Line 1, City, State, Zip or Postal Code, Nation
  • Phone Number Fields: If you have a local (within the U.S.) phone number you should use the Area Code and Phone Number fields. If you have a cell phone with a foreign phone number use the International Access Code and Phone Number field.
Address Update Screenshot

Screenshot of address update in OASIS. 

  • Address Line 1: Must start with the street number and street name (Example: 123 Main St) of the house, dorm, appartment, hotel, etc where you are staying. If you are staying in an apartment you should put the apartment/unit number after the street name (Example: 123 Main St. Apt 23). Students staying in residence halls should use the address lookup tool located HERE to lookup the proper street address for their location. DO NOT put the residence hall name or room number in address line 1.
  • Address Line 2: (Optional)
  • Address Line 3: Leave this line blank.
  • City: Must contain the name of the city in which you are located. (Example: Tampa)
  • State or Province: Must contain the U.S. State in which you are located. (Example: Florida)
  • Zip or Postal Code: Must contain the 5 digit postal code where you are located. (Example: 33620)
  • County: Leave this blank.
  • Nation: Must be United States
  • Area Code: The three digit area code of your local phone number (Ex. 813)
  • Phone Number: The 7 digits of your local phone number (Ex. 1234567)
  • Extension: This field should not be used.
  • International Access Code and Phone Number: If you do not have a local phone number but have a foreign cell phone number you can enter the foreign phone number in this field exactly as it would be dialed from within the U.S. (Ex. 491231234567)

Local Address Tips

Avoid Common Mistakes:

  • Do not include your name or the name of your appartment complex, neighborhood, hotel, etc in Address Line 1
  • Do not include your residence hall name or room number in Address Line 1
  • Do not separate street number and street name on different Address Lines
  • Do not enter a Nation other than United States