Detailed faculty biographies and CVs can be accessed by clicking on the name.

Aranda, Elizabeth (Ph.D., Temple 2001) Latina/o Sociology, Migration/Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Relations; Professor.

Biafora, Frank (Ph.D., University of Miami 1991) Crime, Law, and Deviance, Children and Youth, Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, Methodology; Professor (St. Petersburg campus).

Cavendish, James C. (Ph.D., Notre Dame 1997) Race, Class, Gender, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Religion, Quantitative Methodology; Associate Professor.

Crawley, S.L. (Ph.D., Florida 2002) Sexualities, Gender and Body, Qualitative Methodologies; Associate Professor.

Curry, Emelda (Ph.D., South Florida 2013) Family, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Anthropology; Associate Professor of Instruction; ISS Undergraduate Program Director and Graduate Program Coordinator on the Tampa campus.

Friedman, Jennifer (Ph.D., Northwestern 1988) Alcohol and Drugs, Qualitative Methodology, Sociology of Food; Associate Professor.

Graham, Laurel (Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana 1992) Theory, Consumer Culture, Environment; Associate Professor.

Green, Sara (Ph.D., Tulane 1994) Aging/Social Gerontology, Disabilities, Medical Sociology; Professor, Department Chair.

Hao, Feng (Ph.D., Washington State University 2015) Environmental Sociology, Global and Transnational Sociology, Public Opinion, Methodology; Assistant Professor (Sarasota-Manatee campus).  

Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth (Ph.D., Duke 2012) Family, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Emotions; Associate Professor, Interim Vice President for Institutional Equity, Senior Advisor to the President and Provost for Diversity and Inclusion.

Jacobson, David (Ph.D., Princeton University 1991) Globalization and Transnational Sociology, Political Sociology, Immigration and Citizenship; Professor.

Kusenbach, Margarethe (Ph.D., California-Los Angeles 2003) Urban Sociology, Social Psychology, Qualitative Methodology; Professor, Graduate Director.

Mayberry, Maralee (Ph.D., Oregon 1988) Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Education, LGBT Youth; Professor, Director of Pedagogy.

Miller, Byron (Ph.D., Florida State University 2012) Mental Health, Social Stratification, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, and Interracial Romance; Associate Professor (St. Petersburg campus) and ISS Undergraduate Program Director on the St. Petersburg campus.

Padilla, Beatriz (Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana 2001) Race, Class, and Gender, Public Policy, Migration/Immigration; Associate Professor and Interim Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Partin, Christina (Ph.D., South Florida 2018) Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Education, Technology; Professor of Instruction.

Ponticelli, Christy (Ph.D., California-Santa Cruz 1993) Animals and Society, Sexualities, Knowledge; Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Sociology.

Skvoretz, John (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 1976) Theory, Mathematical Sociology, Social Networks; Distinguished University Professor.

Sloan, Melissa (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 2005) Social Psychology, Emotions, Mental Health, Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Associate Professor (Sarasota-Manatee campus) and Associate Chair of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. 

Sommer, Jamie (Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook 2018) Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Development, Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, Health, Quantitative Methodology; Assistant Professor.

Toothman, Erica (Ph.D., Florida State University 2013) Aging and the Life Course; Associate Professor of Instruction, Sociology Undergraduate Program Director.

Tuntiya, Nana (Ph.D., Odessa National University 1997) Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Political Sociology; Assistant Professor of Instruction.

Turnbull, Brian (Ph.D., University of Kansas 2018) Social Change, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methodology; Assistant Professor of Instruction (Sarasota-Manatee campus). 

Tyson, Will (Ph.D., Duke 2004) Education, Race, Class, and Gender, Stratification/Mobility; Associate Professor.

Emeritus Faculty

Benford, Robert D. (Ph.D., Texas-Austin 1987) Environmental Sociology, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Social Psychology; Professor Emeritus.

Greek, Cecil (Ph.D., New School of Social Research 1983) Qualitative Methodology, Social Theory, Deviance; Associate Professor Emeritus.

Kleiman, Michael (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State 1979) Medical Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics; Associate Professor Emeritus.

Loseke, Donileen (Ph.D., California-Santa Barbara 1982) Emotions, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methodology; Professor Emeritus.

Stamps, David (PhD, Washington State 1972) Community, Urban Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations; Professor Emeritus.

Visiting and Adjunct Instructors

Maddanu, Simone (Ph.D., School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) of Paris, France 2009) Migration/Immigration, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Qualitative Methods.

Research Associates and Postdoctoral Scholars

Blackwell, Rebecca (Ph.D., University of South Florida 2021) Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Migration and In/Migration, Qualitative Methodologies; Postdoctoral Scholar, Sociology.