Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment in USF classes is open to academically qualified students who are currently enrolled in public/charter/private/home schools and who are recommended by their guidance counselor or principal.  Dual Enrollment is an acceleration program that allows students in grades 6- 12, including home education and private school students and students with disabilities, to take postsecondary coursework and simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma, a career certificate, an industry certification or an associate or baccalaureate degree at a Florida public or eligible private postsecondary institution.  Comprehensive information for this program may be found at:

In accordance with State statutes, students must be enrolled in post-secondary instruction that is creditable toward the high school diploma to be classified as dually enrolled.

Since Florida State College institutions (State and Community Colleges) are the primary agencies for Dual Enrollment (DE), a student’s school may approve courses onlyoffered at the University of South Florida (USF).  Note: While students may take up to ten (10) credits each semester, first time DE students are typically approved for no more than six (6) credits.

Students who wish to participate as Dual Enrollment students at USF must:

  • Have proof of a minimum of 560 on the SAT Critical Reading Test and 530 on the SAT Quantitative (Math) Test for a total minimum of 1,000; or a score of 22 on EACT English, 22 on EACT Reading and a score of 21 on EACT Mathematics for a minimum composite of 21 and a TOEFL score, if applicable. All test scores must be submitted to USF by the testing agency electronically.  USF does NOT accept PERT or CPT.
  • Be enrolled in a public/charter/private/home school with an active Memorandum of Understanding (MOU or “agreement”) with USF; if an MOU is needed, contact the DE Coordinator to initiate the process at least one month prior to desired enrollment term.
  • Have completed the equivalent of the sophomore year, achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (as calculated by USF), and satisfied any course prerequisites.
  • Send proof of prerequisite(s) to the appropriate academic department (e.g., Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) and request a permit, if necessary. A permit allows a student to enroll in a course; it is not automatic enrollment or registration.
  • Submit all documentation to USF's Coordinator of Dual Enrollment ( by the deadline for the semester in which the student wishes to enroll and must be approved by the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.
  • Deadlines are: Fall - August 1st; Spring - December 1st; Summer - May 1st.
  • Complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student application (see below) four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the student wishes to enroll.
  • Submit a list of approved courses EACH TERM of enrollment. Courses taken without appropriate authorization EACH TERM of enrollment will not be considered as Dual Enrollment and thus charged to the student. For public high schools, this approval should be on the appropriate authorization form (i.e., Form B or Form C). For private schools, this information should be on school letterhead and signed by the school counselor or principal. For home schooled students, this information should be identified on the Dual Enrollment Application by the principal/education supervisor/home school parent. Forms or letters without approved courses will be denied. 

Please read and complete all forms carefully.

STEP 1: Application Process (Apply to USF as a Non-Degree Seeking Student - $30*); you are responsible for becoming familiar with the Guide for Non-Degree Students.

STEP 2: Complete & forward supplemental documentation:

Private School Student:

Home School Student:

Public/Charter School Student:

STEP 3: Approximately one week before the semester begins, register for approved courses.  While we are happy to answer your questions regarding registration, at USF the student is responsible for registering for courses.  For instructions on how to register for courses, go here.

STEP 4: Public school students only: F.S. Section 1007.271(17) specifies that your school district will pay for "instructional materials."  Contact USF's Dual Enrollment Coordinator one week before the first day of classes.  All other Dual Enrollment students must purchase instructional materials, unless your school has indicated that it will cover your instructional materials.

STEP 5: If necessary, purchase a parking decal (USF Parking and Transportation Services).

Any questions or problems should be addressed immediately to avoid academic or economic penalty at a later date.  This includes being unable to attend class due to medical or other documented reasons.  All dual enrollment students are required to maintain good academic standing at USF which is defined as a minimum 2.0 grade point average at all times.  Failure to maintain this academic standing will immediately terminate a student's dual enrollment status. Grades of D, F or W may not be repeated through the Dual Enrollment Program.

*This application fee is neither refundable nor waived at USF Tampa.

For more information please contact us:
Phone: 813-974-3087

Completed Supplemental Forms should be faxed (813-974-5801) or mailed to:
USF Honors College
Attn: Dual Enrollment
4202 E. Fowler Ave., ALN 241
Tampa, FL 33620

NOTE: Prior to registration for classes that meet on campus, all students who are younger than 40 years of age must submit acceptable proof of immunity to rubella to the Student Health Service. Students who were born after December 31, 1956 must also submit proof of immunity to measles. (See Immunization Policy).

We can address live questions from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. on Thursday mornings (unless otherwise noted) via Facebook (