Resident Services

Bed Height Request Process

All beds will be at the height set by the previous resident when you move-in, unless you request otherwise. If you wish to set your bed at a particular height setting, please follow the below instructions.
To have your bed raised or lowered, you will need to complete a work order for a maintenance request through the housing website. To ensure this is completed in a timely manner, we highly recommend you make this request before you arrive to campus. Making a request to raise or lower your bed after you arrive to campus may result in a longer wait time.

How to Submit a Work Order:

  1. Visit the Maintenance Request page on our website and follow the instructions listed on the page to access the maintenance request system.
  2. Once you have logged into the system, make sure to complete all fields on Step 1 and 2 of the work order form (name, email, building, area, room, etc). This information will help us to respond to your work order request in a timely manner.
  3. For ‘Step 3 – Select Problem Type’, please select ‘Furniture.’
  4. For ‘Step 4 – Please describe your problem or request’, please type which height you would like your bed in the text box.
  5. For ‘Step 5 – Purpose’, please select ‘Raise/Lower (Bed on Right)’ or ‘Raise/Lower (Bed on Left)’ depending on which side of the room your assigned bed space is located (facing the beds from the entrance of the room). When you arrive to your room this fall, bed A will be on the left and bed B on the right.
  6. Ensure your password is typed in the space provided at Step 6 and select ‘Submit’ for Step 7.

Bed Height Options:

Beta, Holly, Castor, Kosove, Cypress, Maple and Magnolia

Beta Minimum

Low Setting:
Approximately 6.5 inches of storage under bed

Beta Medium

Medium Setting:
Approximately 18.5 inches of storage under bed

Beta Maximum

High Setting:
Approximately 30 inches of storage under bed

Beacon, Endeavor, Greek Village, Horizon, Juniper, Pinnacle, Poplar and Summit


Low Setting:
Approximately 19 inches of storage under bed


Medium Setting:
Approximately 34 inches of storage under bed


High Setting:
Approximately 55 inches of storage under bed


Next Steps:

Once your work order is submitted and processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. A team member will then follow up to schedule a time to complete the request when you are out of the room. If you have already arrived to campus when you make this request, please remember to clear your bed of all your personal belongings before a team member arrives, including your sheets and pillows.

Please keep in mind the wait time for a work order to be completed depends on the number of requests currently in the system. We highly recommend making this request before you arrive to campus for the quickest completion. Requests made after August 3 may result in a longer wait time.