INTO USF Students Benefit Social Causes with Fundraising Event

On April 26th, INTO USF AE students in Advanced Business Topics Level 5 got to present their final project and share their semester-long efforts with the USF community.

The class began the semester learning about social entrepreneurship and NGOs (non-government organizations). Sarah Adams, the class instructor, explained that the students decided on social causes they wanted to support, got into groups and researched NGOs related to those causes in order to organize the fundraising event. The students separated into three groups, each concentrating on fundraising for a different social cause—Islamic Relief Worldwide, UNHCR (for Syrian Refugees) and African Children's Haven.

Islamic Relief Worldwide aims to relieve poverty and hunger in the Middle East and Asia. "Five hundred and seventy-eight million people in the Middle East suffer from hunger," remarked Roba Alhaifani. "Islamic Relief Worldwide has been one of the most effective organizations fighting hunger for over 30 years." The group projected that if they collected $25, it will help to eliminate hunger for five families, $50 would go towards clean water facilities, and $75 would provide health care facilities, all in the Middle East.
The next group chose UNHCR, or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as their cause. Lamya Alsaadi, a student from the group, mentioned that UNHCR "really cares about Syrian Refugees, they provide for them, provide them with essential things that they need. So we decided that we will raise donations for them in order to help Syrian Refugees. Our plan is to raise around $50 but we hope we gain more."

The final group was African Children's Haven, which focuses on raising money for children in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania and provides teachers, facilities and books for the betterment of children's education. Group member Areeg Hakami remarked that these children "deserve a better education environment, like any other child."

The students' hard work paid off, with each group exceeding donation expectations for their chosen causes. African Children's Haven earned $90, UNHCR earned $88.85 and Islamic Relief Worldwide raised $77. Altogether, the groups made over $255 in contributions.

This fundraising event gave the students a new perspective on social causes and their international importance. Their efforts and determination with this project will benefit groups around the world who need help the most.

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