New USF Living Community Beneficial to International Students

International students at USF will soon have a new living community. On November 5th, the Florida Board of Governors approved a new housing development and one of the biggest expansions for the university. The new complex will house more than 2,000 students and feature suite and traditional style residential living spaces, a health and wellness center, an outdoor pool, dining and retail facilities and a Publix supermarket.

This new living development will prove to be a valuable asset to international students, as they will have important resources at their fingertips. Students often have demanding schedules consisting of class, extracurricular activities and work, leaving little time to venture off campus to purchase groceries or go to a fitness center. Having these amenities will give students more freedom with their time without the worry of leaving campus.

Students will also have important university resources available to them while living on campus. It is a proven fact that students who stay on campus achieve greater academic success, and become more involved in the university community. Students will have a chance to thrive through involvement and connecting with others, creating lasting friendships.

This new venture will give students a place where their success is the top priority. It can be difficult to adjust to a new country and a new university, but through this community, students will earn an enriched university experience and a place to call home.

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