Apple recruits former INTO USF student for summer internship.

Nadia Joffre, a former INTO USF student, shares her experiences at the University of South Florida and explains how she got her internship with Apple.

Nadia Joffre originally from Bolivia came to USF through the INTO Undergraduate Pathway program in 2013. She is a finance major, in hope of taking what she learned during her education here back to her country.

The pleasant weather was not the only thing that attracted Nadia to USF. She was pulled in by the sense of community found on campus. "You don't really have a sense of community inside the university back home. Here at USF, you have an entire culture inside the university" she says.

The sense of community, along with a recommendation from a friend led to her becoming involved on campus as a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. Joining a sorority gave her a better understanding of the American culture and language. "My English went from poor to decent", said Nadia. "I made a lot of friends through Greek life, which also helped me stay on track".

Her favorite class as a Finance major was Principle of Investment. This course taught her how to analyze stocks and bonds and how to build a portfolio. What she liked most about the class was how applicable it was. "It was actually really useful, because you got to deal with real life scenarios in the class" Nadia explains.

Two years ago, Nadia and her family went to Palo Alto, California where they took a visit to Silicon Valley. Joffre was in search of an internship at the time and with encouragement from her family, she took the opportunity and applied for an internship with Apple. Although a little skeptical, she gave it a shot unsure that she would get the opportunity in the end. Months later, she was pleasantly surprised with a message from Apple choosing her as a finalist for the position.

Landing the internship was not an easy task for Nadia. She went through five interviews with several managers from different departments. The entire process totaled to almost a half a year. Eventually, she received a response from Apple saying that she did so well they put her on the list for the summer internship this year. Nadia was told that there are only two percent of interns who studies are not related to Information Systems, Software Engineer, or IT at Apple, making her accomplishment even greater.

Joffre's relocated to Cupertino, California to start her internship in May. "Moving wasn't easy, I had a lot in my basket. Luckily I had my parents helping me out through the process." said Nadia. However, she appears to be adjusting well to her new home, she says "the weather is perfect and the people are friendly".

Nadia's experience with Apple has been nothing less than amazing. "Apple is a stunning company. The orientation process was very organized and promising" Joffre expressed. She is currently working in the QA team on the next MacOS and IOS. "It is an amazing experience and I am learning a lot!" she says.

Nadia is thankful for the elective courses she took at USF for giving her the necessary knowledge for applying for this job. She says courses like Computer in Business, Information systems in Organizations and Financial Modeling, have all been a great help to her.

When asked on how she felt about her decision to attend USF, Joffre said, "in the beginning it was tough, but now I look back and feel proud that I made it this far. I am happy that I came here."