Naga Teashop Opens in Tampa

INTO USF Graduate Pathway student Yi-Hsiang Liao put his recent entrepreneurship degree to good use. Only a few months after completing his degree Liao partnered with another USF student, Carl Yen and together they opened Naga Tea.

"We saw an opportunity that brings both of our specialties together promoting a healthy lifestyle along with a business mind to open a Taiwanese tea lounge," Liao said.

Liao started at INTO USF as an Academic English student in January 2012 and worked his way to the Graduate Pathway in Entrepreneurship Applied Technologies. After returning from a trip to Taiwan in 2013, Liao collaborated with Yen, a Medical Science student, to bring the Taiwanese tea culture to Tampa.

"When I studied the program, I learned how to be an entrepreneur, not only just to have good ideas for the business, but also to have the ability to put all the learning into practice," Liao said.

The students are grateful to be USF alumni as they are able to connect back with their professors for guidance. So far they have reached out to Yen's medical professors in regards to health benefits such as caffeine levels; Liao has sought advice from his professors on marketing questions and managing the business.

The Taiwanese or boba-style teashop is located near the university and offers three categories of tea: Taiwanese milk tea, real fruit teas and freshly brewed traditional and herbal teas. The business owners work with local farmer's markets to gather the fruits to create the natural fruit teas. Naga Tea also provides six unique native Taiwanese teas and four herbal teas cultivated from Taiwan.

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