Dining FAQ

Do I have a meal plan?

If you have on-campus accommodations, then you have access to an unlimited meal plan that allows you to eat at the three dining halls, Juniper Dining, the Hub, and Champion's Choice. With this meal plan you can eat as many times as you want in a day at any of the three dining halls, but you cannot enter the dining halls more than one time per hour.

If you do not have on-campus accommodations, you can still choose to sign up for an on-campus meal plan. Please contact if you would like to add an on-campus meal plan.


What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Bull Buck$?

The Bull Buck$ is a reloadable cash program that allows you to put money on your student ID and use it around campus. For Dining Dollars, that is the amount that comes with a particular meal plan that allows you to purchase food from the chain restaurants such as Pollo Tropical and Subway.

Bull Buck$ according to the USF dining page states that:

• Bull Buck$ is a new campus declining balance program for all USF students, faculty, and staff. Participants add value to their own "account" which is linked to the USF Card.

• Bull Buck$ reduces the need to carry cash on campus and provides an alternative to commercial bank cards. Parents can add value to student accounts online from home which will allow students to use the funds for incidentals on campus at USF.

• In addition, some USF retail locations offer special discounts for using Bull Buck$.

Dining Dollars according to the USF Dining page states:

• Dining Dollars can be used at any USF Dining Location and is great for grabbing a quick meal between classes, a snack for late night studying, laundry detergent from our P.O.D. Market, or just to treat a friend to a meal!

• With your Dining Dollars, you enter The Dining Club, which offers discounts at many of the USF Dining Locations.

• Dining Dollars carry over from the Fall to Spring semester with the purchase of a Spring semester Meal Plan.