Housing FAQ

How do I apply for INTO USF Housing?

Once you've decided on your preferred accommodation, you need to reserve your place. You can select your preferred accommodation on the application form, and it will be submitted along with your program choices when you have completed the application process.

The INTOHousing office can begin processing your assignment once all four of the following conditions have been satisfied:

If you would like to stay in a residence hall and have not yet signed up for an on campus accommodation, please contact INTOAdmissions. If you wish to make changes to the accommodation you ordered, or have questions about living on campus, please contact INTOHousing or by phone at (813) 974-5239.

Why didn't I get my first preference and/or first choice for the hall I selected? 

INTO USF students are assigned based on the accommodation preferences submitted on the INTO USF application. Students that apply early are more likely to be assigned to rooms shared with direct admit USF students. Room requests are not guaranteed. Since we assign on a first come, first served basis, there is a possibility that your first preference may not be available at the time of your assignment.

Can I stay in my residence hall during breaks and holidays?

INTO USF students may stay over all breaks. However, students must have a contract for the following semester in place, and complete a Break Stay Request Form in their INTOHousing Portal. The INTOHousing office will share information to eligible students about completing a Break Stay Request Form once they have arrived to campus.

How far are the residence halls from classes?

The residence halls on campus are clustered in two areas of campus, the northeast ("north campus") and southwest ("south campus"). USF is a large campus, but almost everything is within a 15-minute walk of everything else.

If you would like to get around campus faster, USF has a bus system called the Bull Runner. This bus system is free for students to use and has multiple bus stops on and off campus. Bicycles and long boards are also popular among students for quickly traveling around campus.

What are the benefits of living on campus?

Everything is included when you live on campus, and everything is right outside your door. Studies show that living on campus tends to increase students' GPA and satisfaction with the university setting. If you consider all of the friends you will meet and all of the opportunities that will be available to you, you will find that living on campus is actually quite a value.

Are the rooms furnished? 

All of the rooms in the residence halls are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, chair, trash can, and closet for each resident. For more information on what is furnishings are provided with the room, click here.

How do I handle maintenance requests? 

Maintenance Requests are automatically emailed to the maintenance technician for your area and he/she will follow up on the order until it is complete. Be sure to include a valid USF email address for a correspondence request once the order is complete.

I am a first-year student. Can I live off campus?

INTO USF does have a Housing Live On Requirement. Students who are required to live on campus under this policy have the option to submit an INTOHousing Live On Requirement Exemption Request. Please note that a complete submission with supporting documentation does not guarantee approval.

To submit an INTOHousing Live On Requirement Exemption Request:

How can I see my on-campus housing assignment?

To see your INTOHousing Assignment:

How can I see my on-campus mailing address?

To see your INTOHousing Mailing Address:

How can I contact INTOHousing?


Phone: (813) 974-5239, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm