Pathway Programs

International Year One Programs

The International Year One Programs at INTO USF combine intensive English language study, academic skills development, and academic coursework in a customized program designed to move students successfully through the first semester or first year of a four-year degree program. INTO USF offers eight different undergraduate Pathways.

Graduate Pathway Programs

The academic courses included in the Graduate Pathway Programs are carefully chosen to ensure success in graduate-level studies. The exact program structure and the combination of classes taken will depend upon a student’s previous academic record and future study plan. Graduate Pathways are taught over one or two semesters. INTO USF offers 38 different graduate Pathways.


Academic advisors are placed in each program to help students understand their curriculum and course requirements, discuss university policies and rules, develop an academic plan or study schedule, and can help students map out a clear path to success. You will meet with your Advisor initially when you attend Orientation the week prior to classes beginning. At that time, you will receive information about your program, courses, and your Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of your most important questions regarding the Pathway Program.