Undergraduate Study Abroad with English

Study Abroad with English is a long-term program combining English language study with the opportunity to experience undergraduate courses at USF. Through this unique program, you will be able to earn college credits in your field of interest without having to enroll in a long-term degree program. Program length will vary depending on your needs. The program can be customized for specific academic interests.


Fall Spring Summer
Aug 15 January 2 May 8

Students will attend Orientation the week prior to when classes begin.  At that time, students will receive information about their program, courses, and their Academic Advisor.


  • This program is open to international students who have studied at a university or college for at least one year and have maintained a 2.5+ or better GPA.
  • You should provide a transcript outlining previous university studies, and a statement explaining future plans and subjects of interest, in addition to evidence of current level of English.


  • High school diploma with the equivalent of a 2.5 GPA out of 4.0.


  • Large Media TOEFL iBT 60+
  • IELTS 5.5+ (All subscores minimum 5.0)
  • PTEA 44+
  • Completion of AE Level 4  
  • Password Test Level 6


1 Semester 2 Semesters
$12,240 $24,480


INTO USF has worked to expand our SAWE program of offer a wider range of courses available to SAWE students but currently can only include courses that are considered part of the Foundation of Knowledge (general education) here at USF. Other courses may be available on a case-by-case basis; some courses might not be available for all semesters. Please note that some courses also might require pre-requisite courses or extra-fees and are subject to availability and offering.
Click here to see available courses.


SEMESTER 1 Course Title Credit Hours SEMESTER 2 Course Title Credit Hours
EAP 1850 English for International Students I 6 EAP 1851 English for International Students II 6
  Undergraduate Elective Courses 6-9   Undergraduate Elective Courses 6-9
  Total 12-15   Total 12-15