INTO USF Scholars

INTO USF Scholars


INTO USF Scholars is a scholarship and awards program that recognizes INTO USF students who have excelled in their studies and become actively involved in the university community. INTO USF seeks to reward students who demonstrate the personal, professional and academic development and leadership necessary to succeed throughout their collegiate career and beyond.

 All actively enrolled INTO USF students are encouraged to participate. The three cohorts below will each award a scholarship:

  • Academic English Students
  • Undergraduate Pathway Students
  • Graduate Pathway Students

 *Please note that each cohort may have different application criteria. Students must be actively enrolled in classes to win the scholarship.

How does it work?

Students can apply through the online application where they will submit an essay along with supporting documents that detail how they have excelled at the following:

  • Leadership
  • Student Activities & Engagement
  • Academic Growth through Advising, Consulting Sessions, and Classroom Engagement
  • Academic Performance

INTO USF faculty, staff and administrators will make up the committee that reviews each application. Together they will determine which applicant has best demonstrated the skills needed for lasting success once they progress from INTO USF. 

All applications will be reviewed by the committee and students who have been selected will be invited to an award ceremony at the end of the semester. At the ceremony a range of awards will be presented, including the INTO USF Scholar Award. The award will be presented to one winner from each of the cohorts: Academic English, Undergraduate Pathway and Graduate Pathway. Each winner of the INTO USF Scholar Award will earn a $1000 scholarship that will be applied to their first term as a matriculated USF student.

Following the award ceremony there will be an end of the semester celebration for all INTO USF students where there will be food, music and dancing.

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