INTO USF Learning Resource Services

Consulting Sessions Expectations

What to Expect from Consultants

INTO USF consultants are USF students studying in their respective fields or have a background and experience in their content area.

  • A Consultant's role is to help you...
    • Review information discussed in class
    • Understand how to solve sample problems
    • Develop a study plan for exams
    • Structure and format papers
    • Review English grammar rules and pronunciation
    • Prepare for and practice oral presentations
  • Consulting is...
    • A way for you to stay competitive in your classes
    • Getting clarification and feedback for papers, assignments, tests...
    • A way to plan out your work and get ahead
    • Having one-one-one or small group discussions
  • Students are not required to attend consulting sessions, but we recommend that students meet with a consultant at least once per week.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that the work they submit or prepare for any class is their own.
  • Consultants are not responsible for the grades students earn, and they cannot predict what grades students will earn.
  • Consultants may not perform class work, complete exams, or edit essays/papers for students.
  • Individual Consulting sessions are available for almost every class that INTO USF students are taking. Students meet, online, one-on-one with a consultant to discuss the information from the course in order to better understand the material.
  • Similar to individual Consulting sessions, students can also organize online Small Group Consulting sessions with a couple of their classmates and a consultant as well.