Tutoring Center Tutoring

English Tutoring

Every student at INTO USF is able to access an English Tutor who has earned, or is pursuing, a graduate degree in Linguistics, TESL, or a related field. Students can meet with tutors as it relates to their English language abilities in reading, writing, listening or speaking within any of their English courses, content related courses, conversational English, or statements of purpose / resume writing.

    Content Tutoring

    Students within the Pathway program will take a range of courses determined by their program of study at USF. Content Tutors are available to help students understand the content of the material within the specific course that a student is enrolled. Content Tutors have successfully completed the courses they tutor, or are very knowledgeable of the topics within the course.

      Bridge Tutoring Program

      The role of the Bridge Tutor is to attend the assigned course(s) in order to model specified successful student practices; lead dynamic group study sessions in which students of the assigned course are encouraged to interact with and learn from each other, as well as share opinions, ask questions, and make mistakes in a low-stakes atmosphere; plan discussions or activities for the group study sessions based on the USF instructor’s lectures.

        Standardized Test Preparation Tutoring

        Test Prep Tutors are available to meet with all INTO USF students in the areas of GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and ACT. These tutors have earned excellent scores with these tests, or have received formal training related to the instruction of these exams. Academic English students are encouraged to meet with tutors regularly as they prepare for any of the standardized that are needed within their next level of education.

          Academic Workshops

          Academic Workshops are designed to promote and assist the academic development of students outside of their specific course content, and focus on the skills needed in order to succeed in an American university. Academic Workshops take place throughout the entire academic term and align with timely semester challenges and assignments. Presenters can include, tutors, advisors, instructors, administrators and other campus partners.

            GMAT & GRE Courses

            There are four sections of the GMAT course, and three sections of the GRE course that each provide support through weekly organized lessons, activities and discussions based on the different components of each test. The course is for Graduate Pathway students and they are strongly encouraged to register in order to be prepared in the areas of the test they may need additional support.