Consulting Sessions Expectations

What to Expect from Consultants

INTO USF consultants are USF students studying in their respective fields or have a background and experience in their content area.

  • A Consultant's role is to help you...
    • Review information discussed in class
    • Understand how to solve sample problems
    • Develop a study plan for exams
    • Structure and format papers
    • Review English grammar rules and pronunciation
    • Prepare for and practice oral presentations

  •  Consulting is...
    • A way for you to stay competitive in your classes
    • Getting clarification and feedback for papers, assignments, tests...
    • A way to plan out your work and get ahead
    • Having one-one-one or small group discussions
  • Students are not required to attend consulting sessions, but we recommend that students meet with a consultant at least once per week.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that the work they submit or prepare for any class is their own.
  • Consultants are not responsible for the grades students earn, and they cannot predict what grades students will earn.
  • Consultants may not perform class work, complete exams, or edit essays/papers for students.
  • Individual Consulting sessions are available for almost every class that INTO USF students are taking. Students meet one-on-one with a consultant to discuss the information from the course in order to better understand the material.
  • Similar to individual Consulting sessions, students can also organize Small Group Consulting sessions with a couple of their classmates and a consultant as well.

Students Expectations

  • If you know you have an assignment due, plan ahead to meet with a consultant early.
  • Go prepared! Bring your textbook, notes, syllabus, and a goal for what you would like to accomplish!
  • Consulting is for every kind of student. If you are earning good grades, we want to help you keep getting good grades. And if you need help improving your scores, we can help you!
  • Students will be able to schedule consulting through their GradesFirst online accounts.
    • This will be available to you once you arrive at USF.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their own appointments.
  • Students should plan ahead, and schedule their appointments early so that they can be sure to meet with a consultant.