Student Life


Participation must be for an entire INTO USF Activity. This includes transportation to and from an event (if applicable) and all events planned for an INTO USF activity (such as going to multiple locations). If a student needs to leave an event early, he/she should speak to an activity leader or the Student Support Specialist/Coordinator, preferably before an event.

Current and previous INTO USF students are welcome to sign-up to attend any INTO USF sponsored activity (unless otherwise informed such as being on activities probation, disciplinary issues, etc).

We encourage INTO USF students and USF student friendships, and many of our events can be attended by non-INTO students/staff.

Some INTO USF events are private events that are held exclusively for INTO USF students/staff and their guest(s).
For information on a particular event or participation, contact the Student Support Specialist/Coordinator for Experience and Engagement.

The Student Support Specialist/Coordinator has final say on admission and participation for INTO USF Activities.

For information, contact Ivanova Velasco