Prospective Students

Student Funding

Student Funding at USF Marine Science

Our college has a variety of fellowships and assistantships specifically for new incoming students which typically fund 70-90% of our new students. All new applicants are automatically considered for first year college funding. On average, the annual (fall, spring, summer) pay for master’s and pre-candidacy PhD students is $28,000 and $30,000 for PhD students admitted into candidacy (effective Fall 2023). Fellowships and Assistantships normally include a tuition waiver or payment (covering approximately 80-100% of your total tuition expenses) and subsidized health insurance premiums.  

Graduate Assistantships

There are a number of Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantship positions available to new and current students. Please review our Graduate Assistantships web page for more details.


The University of South Florida has Fellowships that incoming students can apply for during their senior year of undergraduate study. Information regarding these Fellowships can be found here.  Incoming and existing students may also apply for the College of Marine Science Endowed Fellowships and the Young Fellowship Program Fund in January. In addition, the top four students entering the College of Marine Science, are awarded four endowed Von Rosenstiel Fellowships, which provides a full year of stipends, tuition waivers, and a $2000 expense account to assist with their educational/research expenses.  Additional details regarding funding and application deadlines, including underrepresented minority funding from NSF, the McKnight Foundation (deadline January 15), and the Sloan Foundation, can be obtained by sending an email to:

Federal Financial Aid

Information about Federal and State sponsored student loans can be obtained from the
Financial Aid Services department on the Tampa campus (Phone: 813-974-4700 ). Please review the Financial Aid Services Department web page for more details.


The College of Marine Science recognizes the importance of student attendance at relevant conferences and workshops for their professional development and to assist their networking efforts for future employment opportunities. The College expects faculty to have travel support for their students in grant funded projects or their overhead accounts. However, there will be times when such funds are insufficient to cover the cost of student travel. In such cases, the College expects students to seek travel funds from the conference or workshop organizers whenever possible. Active, current students in the College of Marine Science may utilize the Guidelines for Student Travel Funding Requests from the USF College of Marine Science to understand your travel support options, review the procedure for requesting college support, and use the request template provided.