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The new study highlights a growing threat for sea urchin populations as the parasite spreads to new regions.

Sea urchin killer spreads to new species, region

A deadly parasite that decimated sea urchin populations in the Caribbean has spread to coral reefs in the Sea of Oman and threatens populations around the world.

March 25, 2024News

Art can serve as a powerful tool for science communication and can make complex ideas more accessible to the public. Author Jess Van Vaerenbergh showcased her digital illustration “Silent Killers” at the Art and Science Exhibit.

CMS researchers use art as dynamic tool for science communication

How art can be used as a powerful tool by scientists to communicate science effectively, provide fresh perspectives, and make complex ideas more understandable.

March 22, 2024Community Engagement, News

Rising Tides Newsletter, February 2024 edition.

Rising Tides - February 2024

View some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Newsletter, February 2024 edition.

February 29, 2024Rising Tides Newsletter

Seagrass meadows provide food for marine herbivores and nursey habitats for many fish species.

Hungry herbivores threaten subtropical seagrass meadows

Tropical herbivores, which are on the move due to ocean warming, could harm subtropical seagrass meadows that are less resilient to overgrazing.

February 26, 2024News

Sunset view. Photo courtesy of Matthew Paulson.

USF to tackle environmental challenges through new initiative with Tampa Bay Wave and the St. Petersburg Innovation District

USF continues to strengthen its collaboration with Tampa Bay Wave and the St. Petersburg Innovation District through the creation of a new program that addresses some of the nation’s most pressing environmental concerns.

February 21, 2024News, Resiliency News

Frank Müller-Karger’s captivating career path went from a budding interest in whale research to pioneering work in studying phytoplankton blooms via satellite technology. He was recently recognized as a Distinguished University Professor at USF.

Frank Müller-Karger, Distinguished University Professor, recognized for pioneering scientific research and leadership

From whale research to satellite-based remote sensing, Frank Müller-Karger has earned recognition as a Distinguished University Professor at the University of South Florida.

February 19, 2024Awards, News

The seventeen student presentations covered research into biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography, from fish spawning to satellite monitoring.

CMS celebrates 40 years of Graduate Student Symposiums

The breadth of topics covered during the 2024 Graduate Student Symposium illustrates the impressive scope of science conducted at the College of Marine Science.

February 13, 2024Blogs and Perspectives

Student Macarena Martin Mayor working on spectrophotometric techniques in the Byrne lab.

Six CMS students awarded the 2024 SAML student award

Six students from the USF College of Marine Science are recipients of the SAML Student Awards for 2024.

January 30, 2024Awards, Blogs and Perspectives

Mission Statement

Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.