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University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

'S-A-S’sing it up in the Gulf

Three members of our CMS community recently participated in the NSF-funded “Scientists at Sea” program led by Eckerd College. Great work, Steve Murawski, Sherryl Gilbert, and Kylee Rullo!

June 15, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

The view from the balcony on Bea Combs-Hintze, PhD student with Drs. David Naar and Steve Murawski

GeoHab 2023, a reflection on my first international conference

We were in La Réunion – an island in the Indian Ocean that is part of the Mascarene Islands and the African continent, but an overseas department of France about 679 km east of Madagascar.

June 12, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

C-BASS at sunset. Image credit: Alex Ilich.

On the hunt for Amberjacks from Florida to North Carolina

The C-BASS team recently completed a 21-day research cruise aboard Florida Institute of Oceanography’s (FIO) vessel, R/V Weatherbird II, in search of Greater Amberjack.

May 17, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

The RV Gould, a U.S. Antarctic Program ship transporting researchers back from Palmer Station.  Photo credit: Amelia Shevenell.

Southern Ocean Science – a different kind of SOS?

The continent covered in ice is over 10,000 miles away from the sunshine state. Here’s why Floridians should care about it.

May 8, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

Glider Fleet: Update

Glider Fleet: Update

This year our glider fleet is set to break yet another record for the number of days in the water, and we have fingers crossed this holds true.

April 26, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

Group picture - Guardians of the Gulf

South St. Pete youth become ‘Guardians of the Gulf’ with USF

The Guardians of the Gulf's mission is to provide a multisensory program that introduces youth to the interconnectivity of our natural environment, empowers them to realize what’s at stake, and inspires them toward action.

April 25, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

The 2023 St. Petersburg Science Festival

CMS students, faculty, staff had a blast at St. Petersburg Science Festival

St. Petersburg Science Festival took place on a couple of perfect-weather days: February 17 and 18, 2023.

February 22, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

Iceberg grounded on Ross Bank. Photo courtesy of Rachel Meyne.

Until Next Time, Ross Bank!

After 10 days completing multibeam surveys and Super Sites along our North-South transect of Ross Bank, we switched directions to conduct our East-West transect and finish our science days.

February 22, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

NBP23-02 Glider Retrieval

Halfway through Our Ross Bank Extravaganza!

We are halfway through our allotted science days on NBP23-02, the second leg of our cruise. During our McMurdo port call, we were joined by a new group of scientists: marine ecologists who study Emperor penguins!

February 11, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

USF College of Marine Science’s (CMS) 39th annual Graduate Student Symposium

M.S. and Ph.D. candidates shine in 39th Graduate Student Symposium

Fifteen CMS graduate students delivered oral or poster presentations summarizing their research projects as part of the USF College of Marine Science’s (CMS) 39th annual Graduate Student Symposium.

February 3, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

The RVIB N.B. Palmer at the McMurdo Station Pier. McMurdo Station is the major US research base on Antarctica and is run by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Setting foot on Antarctic soil (well, igneous rock on Ross Island)

We had a port call at the largest US research station in Antarctica, McMurdo Station (MacTown), at the halfway point (hump day) of our expedition to switch out some of the ship’s crew and science party groups.

January 25, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

A kasten core coming up on the back deck. That red box is what the Marine Technicians (MTs) use to rest the core barrel on while they secure the weight stand.

A Day in the Life: Station 1

As we arrived at our first study site, there was excitement in the air. We were surveying a site in the Pennell Trough, Ross Sea that may provide clues to how the Ross Ice Shelf retreated in the past.

January 18, 2023Blogs and Perspectives

Mission Statement

Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.