The Blue-Green Action Platform (BlueGAP)

The Blue-Green Action Platform (BlueGAP)
  • Aquatic nitrogen pollution is a global concern
  • Support community collaboration to develop solutions
  • Focuses on frontline communities

CMPS is participating in the NSF-sponsored BlueGAP project, that helps find solutions to nitrogen pollution. BlueGAP has three sections: 1) the BlueGAP Academy engages individuals and communities along and across watersheds, including frontline communities. 2) the Virtual Platform is a dynamic, online resource that will educate and connect users through data and stories about nitrogen pollution. 3) the BlueGAP Alliance brings together “Champions” from the community with researchers to co-design and test the content on the virtual platform. See

The Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub (MBDH) is a network of people from academia, industry, government, and nonprofits who are passionate about using data-driven approaches to address grand challenges facing science and society.