Data Administration & State Reporting

USF Applications

University of South Florida has developed several tools to assist in the submission of data to the Florida Board of Governors.  The applications listed below are utilized by Data Stewards, Sub Certifiers and others who have administrative and/or operational responsibility over institutional data.


Applications Manager (AppWorx)

Applications Manager (formally known as AppWorx) is utilized to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from USF's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as OASIS, FAST, GEMS, and SPACEPRPO, to the Data Warehouse.  Additionally, Applications Manager processing jobs produce files that are uploaded to the BOG State University Database System (SUDS) as well as Data Quality Reports and Statistical Reports.


Documentation Mart (DocMart)

Documentation Mart (DocMart) is the central repository for detailed information regarding data elements for each BOG SUDS file called data derivations.  Data derivations include such information as functional business language descriptions; target tables and columns; BOG element IDs, technical information; and sources.  Changes to data derivations are managed and approved through DocMart. In addition, DocMart is utilized for report subscriptions.



HubMart provides access and functionality to the data collected and extracted into the Data Warehouse from University of South Florida's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  Processes include importing external source system data (e.g. College of Medicine, Physicians Group), entering a 'special population' of individuals to be processed in the next HUB Load Job, and reviewing BOG table contents.