Tools Access


Request Access to Tools & Reports

ODS provides access to systems, dashboards and tools.  To request access, please refer to the list below for the corresponding tool.


OASIS (Banner) is USF’s Online Access Student Information System (SIS) used by staff and faculty for managing admissions, accounts receivable/billing, financial aid, registration, student records and degrees awarded. For access to OASIS/Banner, please visit the Banner Access Request page and direct questions to the EIS Security group. 


The Civitas suite of tools is used primarily for student persistence models, i.e. the Illume tool, but it also has a tool to assist advisors, Inspire for Advisors. This tool is maintained by the  PMBA team.  For Civitas direct questions to the Civitas group

Degree Works

Degree Works (DgW) is the degree audit system utilized by the University of South Florida that is accessible to degree-seeking students for tracking their academic progress toward degree completion. For access to Degree Works, please visit the Degree Works Access Request page and direct questions to the EIS Security group.  


The Student Success Hub contains dashboards and reports of student success and admissions data.  Dashboards and reports in this hub are maintained by the SSRA team.  For help or access, please send an email to the SSRA group.   

SIS Reports on SAP

Student Information System (SIS) reports that provide transactional data such as student, registration, course information. The reports are housed in the SAP environment.  Access to SIS Reports in the SAP environment are maintained by the APOR team. For access to SIS Reports, please visit the SAP Access Request page and direct questions to the SIS Reports group.   

System for Assessment Management (SAM)

SAM is an online assessment management system used to enter, edit, and manage all assessment plans and reports for academic programs (undergraduate, graduate, certificate), and academic and student support services. Please note that the system is optimized for use with Google Chrome only.  Please visit the site here System for Assessment Management.