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Meet USF’s Cade Prize Candidate: Startup SPKL unites old friends in a quest to develop new medical technology

SPKL, a USF College of Engineering startup, is a finalist for the Cade Prize, one of Florida's most prestigious awards for innovation.

September 22, 2021Innovation

Commercialization of USF-invented sanitation system set to begin

The latest version of the USF-invented NEWgenerator is on its way to South Africa to begin the process of entering mass production. The solar-powered machine generates nutrients, energy and water by safely recovering them from human wastewater—a technology built to address global sanitation concerns (USF Newsroom).

September 15, 2021Entrepreneurship, Global Research, Innovation

USF alumni win nationwide competition with innovative ventilator prototype

A group of USF alumni won $20,000 in a national competition for the creation of a low-cost ventilator prototype. Biomedical engineering alumni Abby Blocker, Carolyna Yamamoto Alves Pinto and Jacob Yarinsky created Eucovent, a device resembling a small box that splits the airflow from one ventilator to two patients (USF Oracle).

September 7, 2021Innovation

Tampa startup believes USF partnership is the ticket to turning the region into the 'next Silicon Valley'

A Tampa startup is once again teaming up with the University of South Florida in an effort to boost research — and elevate the region overall (Tampa Bay Inno).

August 31, 2021Entrepreneurship, Innovation

The Power of Partnerships: $3.5 million federal grant will advance automated driving innovation in rural America

A partnership between USF’s Center for Urban Transportation and Orlando startup Connected Wise is the basis for a multi-year effort, nationwide research effort.

August 26, 2021Innovation

USF study makes operating rooms come to life in virtual reality to potentially improve medical training

A local medical technology startup is working with USF Health to make operating rooms more accessible through virtual reality. A study is now underway to examine the effectiveness of this technology in medical training (Fox 13).

August 26, 2021Health, Innovation

New Study Finds Plastics Are a Tad Rubbery, Paving the Way for Better Products

This breakthrough could help find the “sweet spot” for important properties such as adhesion and scratch resistance (Lab Manager).

August 19, 2021Innovation, Research

Plastics aren’t what we think. New study finds they’re a tad rubbery, paving the way for better products

A breakthrough by researchers at the University of South Florida and collaborating institutions around the world could pave the way for better products, such as improved batteries, automobile paint and cellphone screens (USF Newsroom).

August 18, 2021Innovation, Research

José Zayas-Castro to lead the NSF Division of Engineering Education and Centers

The U.S. National Science Foundation has selected Dr. José Luis Zayas-Castro of the University of South Florida to serve as division director for the Division of Engineering Education and Centers. Zayas-Castro, who begins his NSF term on August 2, is currently executive associate dean, associate dean for international affairs, and professor of industrial and management systems engineering in the USF College of Engineering (

July 29, 2021Innovation, Research

USF research team receives NSF grant to study the public’s understanding of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity

A University of South Florida research team was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study the public’s understanding of artificial intelligence technologies and to teach people how to identify deceptive uses of these technologies online (USF College of Education).

July 28, 2021Innovation, Research

Microsoft backs USF tech that identifies emerging diseases

The University of South Florida has launched a project sponsored by Microsoft to help tackle the threat of emerging infectious diseases (Tampa Bay Inno).

July 21, 2021Health, Innovation, Research

Seminole Tribe, USF Sustainable Tourism and USF Access 3D Lab preserve history at Egmont Key

A multidisciplinary team from USF's Patel College of Global Sustainability and Access 3D Lab is racing against time to preserve the rapidly disappearing island by documenting endangered spaces and 3D-scanning historic sites to reconstruct in augmented-reality virtual realms. (83 Degrees).

July 20, 2021Innovation


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