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USF researchers secure $1.5 million federal grant to improve water quality and reduce runoff into Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the University of South Florida is working to protect the environment by preventing pollution from seeping into a local stormwater pond that flows into Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

September 21, 2023Innovation

New USF lab will help develop military technologies

The Rapid Experimentation Lab will help build prototypes faster to address national and global security.

September 21, 2023Innovation

USF leads consortium effort to designate Tampa Bay a national tech hub in cybersecurity

The University of South Florida is leading an expansive effort to help Tampa Bay secure the federal designation of Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Hub — a prolific indicator of the region’s potential for rapid technology-led economic growth.

August 28, 2023Innovation

Innovation District officials look to the future

Alison Barlow, executive director of the St. Petersburg Innovation District, said she wants the Innovation District’s master plan to envision what the area, and its organizations, could look like decades into the future.

July 11, 2023Innovation

USF CSE Prof. Katkoori and students granted a US patent for a novel PUF Design

USF Computer Science and Engineering Professor Katkoori and Alumni Rohith Challa and Dr. Arif Islam, have been granted a US patent for an SR Flip-Flop based Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) for Hardware Security. These systems can create randomness for use in applications with high-security requirements.

June 26, 2023Innovation, Research

From plastic to productive: can air-cushions be repurposed to cultivate algae?

Researchers at University of South Florida envision a creative way to transform plastic waste from your online shopping habit into algae-growing machines.

June 16, 2023Innovation, Research

USF researchers work to create a safer, more prepared Florida for hurricane season

From testing new structural materials that can better withstand natural disasters to identifying gaps in emergency management, USF is investigating solutions to many of the horrors faced during storms like Hurricane Ian.

June 6, 2023Innovation, Research

New Emerging Technology Lab will allow students to explore augmented and virtual reality in the classroom

USF's College of Education wants to ensure students know how to utilize the latest technology through a new Emerging Technology Lab being developed on the St. Petersburg campus.

May 18, 2023Innovation, Research, Student Research

Associate professor develops motivational chatbot and digital Candyland-like maze to ensure student success

Sanghoon Park will be recognized by the State University System of Florida for his efforts to provide students with an engaging learning environment while teaching them how to develop creative ways to empower and prepare future students in their own digital courses.

May 2, 2023Innovation, Research

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Announces 2023 Inductees

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates 10 years and will induct 10 inventors who have shaped our everyday lives.

May 1, 2023Honors and Awards, Innovation

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announces 2023 inductees

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates 10 years and will induct 10 inventors who have shaped our everyday lives (EurekAlert! news release).

May 1, 2023Honors and Awards, Innovation

USF continues to rank among the top universities for new patents

The University of South Florida remains one of the top universities in the nation for producing new U.S. utility patents, according to a new ranking released this week by the National Academy of Inventors.

April 27, 2023Innovation


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