Fitness Programs

Group Fitness | Fall 2021

Our Group Fitness team will offer an expanded selection of in-person classes during Fall 2021. We are also offering live-streaming of certain classes for those wishing to join remotely.

Exercise is Medicine Month

Exercise is Medicine® Month is designed to engage the students, faculty and staff of universities and colleges in ongoing efforts to improve physical fitness, health and wellness across campus with the possibility for community outreach. Join us for the month of October and find out how exercise can be medicine for you through the fun activities we'll be offering! Did someone say hiking with yoga and a 5k fun run?

Monthly Fitness Challenges

Looking for a new challenge to improve your health? RecWell is offering you the chance to complete in monthly challenges. Utilize the Recreation facilities and have a friend record your attempt to help you complete each challenge! September – 50 Cal Assault Bike October – 100 Second Deadhang November – Max Squat Rep

Free Fitness Assessment Friday

Meet with one of our personal trainers to learn how you can tailor your workouts based on your current fitness levels and goals. Upcoming dates: 8/27, 10/1, 11/5, 12/3