Fitness Programs

Group Fitness | Summer B

Our Group Fitness team will offer an expanded selection of in-person classes during Summer B. We are also increasing the capacity of each class and offering live-streaming of certain classes for those wishing to join remotely.


Adapt-a-Bull is a 5-week fitness and recreation training program for adaptive athletes. The program creates a space for individuals living with physical disabilities to engage in on-campus fitness activities. The goal of the program is to 1) improve the physical, mental & social health of participants and 2) increase confidence in their identity as athletes. The Adapt-a-Bull program combines both structured exercise and community-based recreation

Fit Foundations

Everyone's fitness journey starts somewhere. Fit Foundations helps you take that first step. In a group setting, our Certified Personal Trainers will guide you through the building blocks of a fitness program.

Coastline Challenge

Florida has the second-longest coastline of any U.S. state (Alaska takes top honors!). Our challenge to you is "Can you travel the full 1,350 miles?". Find out more.