We're Hiring

We're Hiring


We're looking for students to join our team of Fitness Professionals.  You don't need experience or certifications.  We'll help you with that.  What you do need is a passionate commitment to Fitness.

The hiring process

From start to finish, it's a five-step process:

Step 1:  Attend an info session(s).  You can do more than one if you're undecided.

Step 2:  Choose your path:  Group Fitness or Personal Training

Step 3:  Complete a multi-week certification course (Fall 2020)

Step 4:  Pass the certification exam

Step 5:  Complete the interview/audition with our Fitness Professionals

We expect to have you in front of a class or clients by the end of Fall 2020.  More details below on the info sessions.  


By now, you know the drill.  COVID-19 has changed the way we engage with each other, and the Fitness industry is no exception.  One day you'll be training on the gym floor, only to find the next day you're teaching bootcamp remotely from your living room.  The way we engage with our community may change, but our commitment to Fitness remains unwavering.  

info sessions

All four (4) info sessions have been completed.  If you missed them, but are still interested in exploring opportunities with us, drop us an email (see below).

the trainings

Personal Training:  Click here for details on the NASM PT Training program

already certified?

Not a problem.  We'd recommend you come to one of the Info Sessions.  If it feels like a match, then you'll go directly to the audition and interviews, skipping the 8-week course and certification exams.


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