Summer on the Move

Summer on the Move



A virtual club -- well, more like a community -- bringing together those of us who love to walk, run, and jog.   Walk the World Trail.  Jog through your neighborhood.  Sprint on a treadmill.  How and where you move is up to you.


June 29 - August 7, 2020

How to join

Step 1:  Put on those shoes and start moving.  Can be a leisurely walk or a Olympic-level run.

Step 2:  Submit your distance via this link.  Don't sweat the time, this isn't a race.

Step 3:  Repeat.  As many times as you'd like, submitting your distance each time.

Step 4:  Reap the benefits of keeping your body moving.


Behind the scenes, we'll be tracking your mileage.  At the end of the event, we'll compile all your submissions, arrive at a cumulative mileage for the event, and confirm if you've won a prize.  We'll email you in mid-August will all the details on how you'll get your hard-earned reward.  One prize per qualified participant.  

10+ Miles 25+ Miles 50+ Miles
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Submit your results

Submit your distance(s) via this link.  And don't be bashful -- submit results every time you get those shoes on and move.  


We're here for you.  Email us at