Meet The Housing Resident Scholarship Recipients

October 19, 2017
by Courtney Cadogan

National research shows that students who live on campus tend to graduate at higher rates, and sooner, than those who do not. Our goal in providing a housing scholarship is to maximize the number of students who will benefit from the residential experience, with respect to the varied needs of our students. Let's meet the recipients of the 2017 Housing Resident Scholarship.


Angelica Nguyen

Angelica Nguyen is a junior majoring in Finance and hopes to receive a Minor in Business Analytics and Information Systems. Angelica lived in the Bulls Business Community (BBC) her first year and did random selection to find a roommate. Angelica and her roommate became close, and they plan to live together next year in the BBC as mentors serving the needs of first-time-in-college students.

Angelica stands out as an active, engaged, passionate member of our residential community. In addition to mentoring in the BBC, she is the Treasurer of the Student Finance Association and she is a member of the Honors College Student Council Volunteer Committee. When asked about the residential experience, Angelica said, "I believe that living on campus provides an atmosphere different from off-campus. You are surrounded by people like you, sharing in the same experience. I feel both safe and comfortable at USF, and that is incredibly important to my academic and personal success."



Elizabeth Ruscitti

Elizabeth Ruscitti is a first-year student studying Chemistry. Elizabeth is an active member of many USF organizations. She is the President of Circle K International, and she is a peer mentor for the USF HHMI-STEM Academy. Even with such a busy schedule, Elizabeth acknowledges that "College isn't necessarily a time meant solely for studying. It's the time to grow as a person and take the necessary steps to start your career."

Elizabeth lived in the Honors LLC and says that the majority of her friends lived on her floor. This is because many of the students in the Honors LLC have the same interests or are taking similar courses. She even found a roommate for next year by living in the Honors LLC. Elizabeth said, "I believe it's very important to always take an opportunity even if you aren't sure if it will work out. The more doors you open now, the more opportunities you will have down the road."



Joy Jackson

Joy Jackson is a first-year chemistry and pre-med student. She is also planning to add a Spanish major. In addition to a heavy course load, she also is an active member in many USF organizations like Health Occupations Students of America, Circle K International, International Justice Mission, and track & cross country. Joy stood out because of her dedication to academics and community service.

Taking a full course load and participating in on-campus activities can be both rewarding and stressful. Joy understands how beneficial it can be to get involved on campus, but admits that having so many responsibilities can add to stress. When asked how she handles the stress, Joy said, "My faith helps me live a balanced life. My friends and family are support groups that help as well. I stay in close touch with my family."



Sonal Sian

Sonal Sian is a first-year student who is expecting to graduate early in 2019. She is majoring in Biomedical Sciences and plans on attending medical school after graduation. She was drawn to USF because of the 7 year Accelerated BS/MD program. Even though pursuing a scientific major comes with a heavy course load, Sonal is involved in many USF organizations. For example, Sonal is the Media Chair for Circle K International. She is also a member of Health Occupations Students of America, Camp Boggy Creek Pals, and the Marine Biology Club.

Although new students may be overwhelmed by the number of clubs and organizations at USF, Sonal's advice to the incoming students is to "Dive into all that USF has to offer. Attend as many activities, clubs and fairs as possible. Immerse yourself in the community so it's easier to find where you belong."



Victoria Adesso

Victoria Adesso is double majoring in Sociology and Criminology. She is on the Pre-Law track and plans on attending Law School after graduation. She is a member of the class of 2019, but may graduate as early as 2018! She is involved in Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law fraternity, Undocunited, and USF Women in Leadership and Anthropology. Victoria started her own organization on campus called the Bulls Bar Association, focusing on pre-law. With so many activities going on, it can be difficult to settle down and study. Victoria makes studying fun by "creating study guides called 'mind maps.' These mind maps are colorful with drawings so it makes studying more fun and less stressful."

When asked what her advice would be to incoming students, Victoria said, "Don't care what people think about you, it's not high school. Get involved with anything you can, even if it's not something you'll normally be interested in, you will have fun."

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