Residence Hall Association

Inside RHA

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) represents residents and advocates for their experience and success while living on campus. RHA supports residents with activities and programs that unite USF's sixteen residence halls while also developing spirit and pride within each community.

Who We Are

Together, 16 Hall Councils along with the Executive Board comprise RHA. Each Hall Council organizes activities, events, and programming for their community to ensure that each hall's unique needs are met. Each Hall Council is comprised of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, 2-4 Senators, Mayors, and a professional staff advisor.

Governors lead their hall council by supporting other members and collaborating with governors across campus. Each week governors run their Hall Council meetings, assist with event and activity planning, and collaborate within their Hall Council Executive Board meetings. In addition, Governors meet with other Governors from campus to share idea, resources, and events in Board of Governors meetings led by the RHA President.

Lieutenant Governors serve as their Hall Council's financial officer. Working together with their advisors, Lieutenant Governors develop their Hall Councils' budgets and ensure responsible use of their hall councils resources. In addition, Lieutenant Governors serve as representatives to the RHA Financial Advisory Board (FAB) where communities receive additional financial support from RHA for events and initiatives. Lieutenant Governors also assist their Governors in planning and executing events within the Hall Council.

Senators help organize Hall Council events and programming while also representing their Halls at RHA General Assemblies. Senators ensure that their hall's voice is heard and that residents from across campus are involved together. Senators attend General Assemblies each Monday and serve on at least one RHA committee.

Mayors work together with their Hall Councils to program and improve student life. As the lifeblood of each hall council, Mayors connect Hall Councils to every resident and ensure that every Hall Council event is planned and runs smoothly.

Our Governing Body

RHA consists of the 16 Hall Councils along with the RHA Executive Board who coordinate activity and support each hall council and residential life as a whole. RHA serves, advocates for, and represents the over 6,000 residents who live on the USF Tampa campus.

The RHA Executive Board runs and coordinates programming and advocacy for RHA and across Hall Councils. Together, they serve as resources for Hall Council members along with Residents to become and stay involved in their communities. The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice-President, National Communications Coordinator, Director of Administration, Director of Programming, and the Director of Public Relations. The RHA General Assembly elects the Executive Board members to year-long terms at the end of each spring

RHA's governing body consists of the 2-4 Senators from each hall, a representative from the National Residence Hall Honorary, and the RHA Executive Board. Each week, the governing body meets at General Assembly together with the Coordinator for Leadership Education, our professional staff advisor.

Who we work with

The Residence Hall Association also collaborates with our sister organization, the Green and Gold Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), which recognizes the top 1 percent of on-campus residents. Together, both organizations serve, advocate for, and recognize student residents.

USF RHA is a proud member of the South Atlantic Affiliate of University and College Residence Halls (SAACURH) which is itself a member of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). USF RHA attends two SAACURH conferences and one NACURH conference each year. At conferences, RHA members connect with other residential student leaders from across our region and across the world. Conferences serves as important opportunities for student leaders to share ideas, resources, and tips while further developing themselves as leaders.

In addition to affiliating with SAACURH and NACURH, the Residence Hall Association is also a member of the separate Florida Association of Residence Halls (FARH). FARH facilitates connections and leadership in Residence Halls across the State of Florida. RHA attends both FARH conferences every year.