Florida France Linkage Institute

Tuition Exemption

The Legislature of the State of Florida has created 11 international linkage institutes to assist in the development of strong economic and social ties between Florida and countries considered important to Florida's future. One of these Institutes, the Florida-France Linkage Institute, was established in 1989.

The Legislature took an additional step to further the interaction of students from countries represented by the Linkage Institutes, and authorized the exemption of out-of-state tuition fees for up to 25 full-time equivalent French students to attend Florida's public universities and community colleges.


Summer: April 1
Fall: July 15
Spring: November 1



Your application will be considered incomplete if you fail to include any of the above documentation. Any student whose file is still incomplete by the deadline will not receive a tuition exemption. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE TO THIS RULE. Please notify the Florida-France Linkage Institute of any address changes to avoid any future miscommunication.