Peace Corps Prep Program


Eligibility and FAQs

USF undergraduate students in all degree-granting colleges who are in good academic standing can join the Peace Corps Prep Program.

Please be sure to:

What about enrollment in Peace Corps (PC) Prep? Am I eligible?

Students who enroll in the GCP have the added option of co-enrolling in the PC Prep Program. It requires 3 sector specific courses and 50 hours of documented hands-on experience in that sector. We expect that in some cases, the coursework you complete for GCP will meet the sector course requirements of the PC Prep Program, thereby not adding any additional credits requirements to complete both programs. Depending on the program and focus, it's also possible that your GCP international experience, such as study abroad, will meet the PC Prep 50 hours of sector experience requirement. Students must co-enroll in the Peace Corps Prep Program by the end of add/drop of the first semester of their senior year (defined as having at two semesters remaining at USF, including the semester they are co-enrolling).

Is PC Prep only for students who want to work internationally or focus on international academics?

Being a global citizen builds upon intercultural skills which enable you to see a global vision for your educational goals, as wells as, your career goals. Earning a PC Prep Certificate is a major component to building a strong resume, set of skills, and marketable talents that will enhance your professional future.

Should I join Peace Corps Prep?

PC Prep may have particular appeal to students who are interested in global citizenship, international development, and/or transnational relations - and plan to apply to Peace Corps. The Peace Corps Prep program is not a requirement for you to join the Peace Corps, however, it does make you more marketable and readily visible by their selection process.

Here are just a few reasons to enroll in the PC Prep Program:

How will the PC Prep coursework affect my major(s), minor(s) and/or certificate(s)?