Virtual Global Exchange

Getting Started

What to Expect

From concept to implementation, the process is broken into five phases. Although each faculty member's timeline may vary, generally we advise the following:

  1. Learn about VGE: USF offers a Canvas workshop program designed to provide faculty members the tools and concepts to develop their own VGE-enhanced experience. The module allows faculty to explore the conceptualization of bringing a VGE into their course. Link to workshop registration.

  2. Complete a Faculty Interest Form: USF World is here to help you through each step  in establishing your virtual global exchange. Please complete this online form and a VGE Coordinator will reach out to assist.

  3. Identify a global partner: The essence of VGE programming is linking with a partner overseas. Faculty do not need to have a partner identified to begin the process and USF is hear to help. See more about Partnering in the section below.

  4. Design the experience and integrate it into your current course: One semester prior to offering a VGE course, complete the online Canvas workshop with your partner. Faculty should have a VGE activity developed and ready for implementation by the time they complete the workshop.

  5. Launch your global virtual exchange course and share your success with others: You will be supported by several departments in this process, from the international education professionals in USF World to the instructional designers in Innovative Education - we are here to help you make this experience a success.


International partnerships are the keystone of courses that feature a virtual global exchange. USF faculty may identify their international partners in one of two ways:

Pre-Existing Professional Relationships

Faculty who have a pre-existing relationship with a faculty member at an international institution and who would like to develop a shared course experience with that faculty partner are encouraged to do so. Having a pre-existing relationship can make the course development process easier and ties between campuses stronger.

Facilitated Partnering with USF’s International Partner Universities

USF has a strong network of existing international partner universities around the world. The Global Discovery Hub is the first place to start exploring existing partnerships. USF World is also here to facilitate and can assist in partner identification - just submit a faculty interest form

Becoming Involved

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