Virtual Global Exchange


  • USF Education Abroad Office – Faculty Page | International Education takes a lot of shapes at USF, COIL is only one of them. In addition, faculty may plan in-person pr virtual study abroad programs as well as integrating international virtual activities into an exisiting course. For more information you can speak to the VGE Coordinator ( or contact the Education Abroad Office.

  • Global Discovery Hub | View the current list of USF's international partners and formal agreements. You can also map the university's global footprint of faculty and student activity.

  • SUNY COIL Center | COIL is a specific kind of virtual global exchange. A wealth of information on COIL best practices and resources are available through the SUNY COIL Center. While USF’s definition of VGE is a little broader than COIL, they remain a leader in the field and list excellent tools and examples.

  • Coventry University's Centre for Global Engagement | Examples of COIL collaborations from Coventry University's Centre for Global Engagement in the United Kingdom.

  •  AAC&U Intercultural Competence Rubric | Adding intercultural competence to assignments can be tricky. How do we measure these outcomes? The Association of American Colleges and Universities has made a useful rubric available.