For Students

Independent Student Travel


Registration for independent student travel should begin 6-8 weeks before departure to allow adequate time for USF World to review the application. For USF Health students, please review procedures required by the USF Health International Office.

Independent Student Traveler: Any undergraduate or graduate student not traveling with other USF students or employees engaged in an international travel activity associated with the individual’s status as an active USF student. This traveler may be conducting research, participating in an internship, attending a conference, a volunteer activity or a site visit.

Students can find the Independent Student Travel Registration Application here.

When students complete their application, they will be enrolled in the Global Travel Pre-Departure Orientation in CANVAS. Once committed to their program they will be enrolled in Global Health and Security Insurance. 


Independent Express Traveler: any student who is traveling to participate in a conference or symposium. They may also be participating in a short duration experience (<14 days), or they may be an international student returning to their home country for an academic activity such as research or an internship. 

Please follow the instructions in the application to complete the Express Travel Registration.

Emergency Card

We encourage all travelers to create an electronic and paper Emergency Card from our template found here.