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International Student Travel Abroad

Leaving the United States? Register before you go!

If you are leaving the U.S. for any activity related to your status as a USF student, (internship, research, practicum, course credit, community service, etc.) even if to your home country, you are required to register your travel with USF World (USF Policy #10-507). This is in addition to the request on iStart for a study or research abroad approval.

To find out more visit the iStart home page, contact the Office of International Services, or email You can also visit the international students section of the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you need a visa to enter your destination?

Have you checked if you need a visa to enter the country you are traveling to? Every country has different requirements for entry depending on your nation of citizenship. Even if you are traveling with other USF students, you may have different visa requirements than your peers! Please be sure to check with the consulate of the country you are planning on traveling to in order to verify the requirements and processing time.

Going home for an acaDemic experience?

If you decide to intern, conduct research, or take courses while home that you would like to have count toward some aspect of your USF degree, you are responsible for making those arrangements with the appropriate academic department. For all credit-bearing activity, you must also register your travel with the University’s travel registry.

You will also have USF support while you are abroad during that time.

This is in addition to the request on iStart for a study or research abroad approval. You can reach the Ofice of International services through the iStart home page here or contact if you have any questions.

When do I not need to register my travel when I am traveling to my home country?

If you are not participating in an activity related to your status as astudent at USF, not on a USF department Travel Request, and not using any USF funds such as research money or scholarships, you do not need to register. This includes reasons for work, vacation, or when taking online courses while abroad (that are fully online). However, please still check with International Services before you travel to make sure your visa status is up to date.