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Honors Tutoring


Two of the Honors hosted scholarship programs, the Jenkins Scholars Program and the Holcombe Scholars Program, have recognized the value of tutors for their scholars. The programs offer paid tutoring positions and include certain responsibilities. The tutor(s) must:

  1. Be prompt and prepared for the designated time of each tutor session
  2. Maintain a record of the tutoring sessions
  3. Submit time sheets on a regular basis and by the designated dates and
  4. Maintain contact with the Graduate Assistant of the program (Jenkins or Holcombe) with which they are working.

In order to be considered for the position, you must have a 3.3 GPA and an "A" in the course for which you desire to tutor. Tutors must have taken the course at USF or a four-year university. Positions are available for honors undergraduate and graduate students.

Please contact the Jenkins Scholars and Holcombe Scholars Program graduate assistants at rny@usf.ed or for more information on how to become a tutor. 


Honors College students who are either Jenkins or Holcombe scholars should contact the graduate assistant for their program to request personalized tutoring.

All USF students can benefit from the university's Academic Success Center which offers tutoring services. Please visit their website for more information. Additional services include the Writing Studio, Learning Support courses, and Study Skills Workshops.


USF Student Accessibility Services provides resources to students and faculty to help students achieve academic success. USF has several on campus and off campus resources. Click here to learn more.