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Fall 2024 Sarasota-Manatee Honors Courses

The Judy Genshaft Honors College offers courses on all three USF campuses, as well as off-site locations. Honors courses are open to students from any home campus, but may require a permit. Unless noted specifically in the course description, Honors courses require in-person attendance. 

Click here for information on how to register through OASIS. For information and advice on courses, meet with your Honors advisor.

IDH 2010: Acquisition of Knowledge

Acquisition of Knowledge
IDH 2010-501
Instructor: Cayla Lanier
T/R | 2 - 3:15 PM

Ranging from classical philosophy to the digital age, this first-year honors course invites students to explore the different ways in which knowledge is created and consumed, how understanding is cultivated, the various relationships possible between knowledge and the self, and the implications of these in our contemporary world. Through an examination of common topics, studio experiences, and assignments, all sections of this course will explore different ways of knowing (e.g., historical, philosophical, scientific, creative, etc.)

Note: This freshman seminar is intended as an introduction to the Judy Genshaft Honors College community for incoming students.

IDH 2930: Special Topics in Honors

Honors Foundations
IDH 2930-501
Instructor: Cayla Lanier

IDH 4200: Geographic Perspectives

Narratives of Food and Culture
IDH 4200-501
Instructor: Angad Dang
T/R | 9:30 - 10:45 AM

Every good recipe starts with a story. In this class, you will explore the foods and stories of your culture, and those of others, through reading, writing, and cooking. This is an immersive and hands on course, in which you will explore the concepts of culture with all of your senses.

IDH 4950: Honors Capstone

Student Consulting Course
IDH 4950-501
Instructor: Greg Smogard
Format: Online

In this high-impact, experiential learning course, student teams will be paired with a real company located in another country to learn about, research, and address a real-world business problem. The consulting projects are based on specific client needs and will address a wide range of business, industry and/or organizational issues in a global context. Each client will have a unique focus and will 1) provide students with an existing business challenge 2) require applying multi-disciplinary concepts, data collection and analysis, critical thinking, dynamic collaboration, fact-based decisions, and high-performance teamwork and 3) conclude with the consultants presenting actionable recommendations to the client and the faculty advisor. Student teams will meet with the faculty advisor weekly for coaching and problem-solving sessions, while working on their own to research issues and develop recommendations. The culminating project will be presented to the client’s management team. Teams will determine their weekly meeting time after the first week of class. Email Dr. Greg Smogard at for a permit.

Advanced Open-Source Intelligence: Strategies for Informed Decision-Making
IDH 4950-502
Instructor: Jordan Howell
F | 2 - 4:45 PM

Dr. Howell is back for an exciting new course about technology. In this class, you will develop the  knowledge and skills necessary to gather, analyze, and interpret data from publicly available sources (open-source intelligence). These sources can range from traditional media, such as newspapers and television, to digital platforms, including social media, websites, and public government databases. OSINT is used in all career fields, including security and intelligence, business and market research, investigative journalism, academic research, and healthcare. By the end of this class, you will have the tools to source data, identify and analyze information, utilize digital tools and software, practice advanced research techniques, and present findings to a variety of audiences, preparing you to be a data leader in your career field.

IDH 4970: Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis is a two-semester program where students will conduct an independent study under the guidance of their own thesis chair selected by each student. The thesis process mirrors a mentorship system common in graduate schools (e.g., dissertation for a Ph.D. program). By closely working with your own chair, you will come up with a research topic, develop research methods, and produce your own creative work such as a research paper, artwork, a business proposal, etc. It is a great opportunity to create your own unique research project, learn from faculty about the research process, and gain research skills. We recommend that students who are interested in the Honors Thesis prepare early. 

Honors Thesis II
IDH 4970-502
Instructor: Cayla Lanier
Format: Online