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about holly apartments

Holly Apartments is comprised of seven three- and four-story buildings and is located on East Holly Drive. Upperclassmen live in this community, which houses approximately 728 students. Holly Apartments also features community lounges throughout laundry facilities nearby. Apply to live in Holly Apartments!

Building Codes: HAA, HAB, HAC, HAD, HAE, HAF, HAG


Units in Holly Apartments

Each apartment unit offers four single bedrooms (with some two-bedroom units available) sharing a living area with kitchen and two bathrooms. The hall is coed with four students sharing the same gender identity in one unit.  

Typical Single Bedroom Size

  • Approximately 90 square feet
  • Typical bedroom area dimensions are 8' x 10'

Unit Features

  • Provided furniture in each bedroom area includes:
    • A twin XL bed (Bed Raising Information)
    • A dresser (measures approx. 29"x24")
    • A chair and desk (measures approx. 24"x42")
  • Closet space in each room
  • Each four-bedroom unit typically includes two bathrooms 
  • Each two-bedroom unit typically includes one bathroom
  • Shower curtain liners are provided
  • Each unit contains a full kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, stovetop and sink
  • Each unit contains a furnished common living area

community and hall amenities

  • Laundry facilities in Holly H and Holly K
  • Community lounges throughout buildings
  • Service desk nearby
  • Ethernet connection for each resident in each bedroom
  • WiFi throughout the building
  • 250Mbps average internet speed (speeds up to 1Gbps)
  • 24-hour, on-call emergency maintenance

Photo Gallery

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Housing options photo


Housing options photo


Holly 2-Bedroom Apartment Render


Holly 2 Bedroom Render


Dorm bed in Holly apartment. Shows dimensions of bed frame, 33.5 inches tall by 85.25 inches wide.


Kitchen dimensions. Cabinets above sink are 30 inches tall, cabinets above exhaust fan is 18 inches tall. Kitchen sink side is 34 inches wide.


Dimensions of common room area - wall is 10 feet and 3 inches wide. Window blinds are 72 inches wide by 70 inches tall.


Dimensions of couch - 6.25 inches from the floor and 82.5 inches wide.


Closet and dresser on left side with tall bed and desk chair.


Housing options photo


Bathroom with toilet on right


Shower with curtain up and towel racks on the wall.



Click and drag the 3D floor plan to rotate 360 degrees. Double click, scroll or pinch to zoom.

Campus Location

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Physical Building Addresses

Holly Apartments A
4230 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments B
4236 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments C
4242 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments D
4231 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments E
4235 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments F
4237 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Holly Apartments G
4241 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620


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